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Kids Colouring Book CD-Rom

Kids Colouring Book CD-Rom is a perfect way to introduce young children to computers and using a mouse. With over 25,000 colouring pages on this CD-Rom this will certainly keep your children entertained for hours!!

You can either print the pictures in B&W to be coloured in the good old fashioned way or let your Children use the computer to colour them in with the mouse.

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Q. How many pictures are on the CD-Rom?


We currently have 250+ Categories on the CD-Rom which store over 25,000 colouring pages with pictures of favorite characters, animals, sports, everyday objects, and various themes. 

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Q. How does it work?


Its rather simple depending on the childs age you can either print out the pictures onto paper so that they can colour with crayons, or they could use the mouse and colour the pictures in one the computer.

The program is very simple to use, and has been designed with the child user in mind. As your children grow up they can start to use more features in the program such as selecting their own categories and pictures to colour in, and it is also possible to save your colourings.

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Q. Can you just print the pictures out in B&W?


Yes certainly, we find that children under the age of 4 may find it difficult to use a mouse and colour on the PC. Colouring with crayons or pens is fun and is a great way to keep your children occupied. 

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Q. Do you have any screenshots I can see?

Yes here are some...

  • Photo of CD-Rom  » Click to zoom ->

    Photo of CD-Rom

  • Dora the Explorer  » Click to zoom ->

    Dora the Explorer

  • Main Application Windows  » Click to zoom ->

    Main Application Windows



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Q. What are the key features?


  • Easy to use
  • Contains over 25,000 popular colouring pages
  • Suitable for children of all ages!
  • Children can save their colouring pictures for later use
  • Open existing pictures or ones from your own collection
  • Print pictures in colour or just Black & White
  • Left mouse button is a fill tool, whilst using the right mouse button acts like a bruish tool 

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Q, Where can I purchase this software from?


You can currently purchase this software from our online shop , this item is currently priced at £3.95 + P&P and we accept payments via Pay Pal or Cheques / Postal Orders.

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